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I found this Matt Cutts TED talk on Stumblr about trying new things for 30 days. Loved the presentation. It was short, to the point, achievable and inspiring. I shared the video on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. I did get feedback from a friend. “What was I going to try for 30 days?”

Before I get there let’s talk about what I like about this concept.

  1. Goal Setting is fun and gives meaning to our daily activities.
  2. My new goal has a sunset clause. If I don’t like this change I can get out without the guilt of quitting.
  3. I like that his idea promotes incremental growth. This isn’t a “Total Makeover”. Change is about shifts and steps. Life change is more sustainable in steps.

So for the next 30 days I am going to post on my blog a concept about growth, next steps and self-improvement. One a day, no excuses. That’s my 30 days, how about you?